Bird in the Hand


I am away from home base this week into next…

and will not be posting until after my return. Garden Walk Garden Talk has auto-loading posts about gardening if you are interested. I thought to picture some Warblers from fall that were being banded. You have seen those from spring this year, but they come back through in fall as well.


I am in Toronto with the Garden Bloggers’ Fling group, and will be returning next week.


The birds are being banded for science, so this is something done to document health and numbers. For more information on this process, see GWGT and the post Banding the Bird in the Hand.




See you when I get backā€¦


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5 Responses to Bird in the Hand

  1. Wow. That first photo especially is wonderful. Have a great trip.

  2. Sue Link says:

    Beautiful ! Can’t wait to see your photos from the garden fling.

  3. aussiebirder says:

    Have a wonderful time away Donna! How lovely to be able to hold these delicate little creatures!

  4. I would love to be part of banding birds…hope you had a great time at the Fling!

  5. Alisha says:

    wow! amazing birds…enjoy your trip Donna ..

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