Falls Feathered Fashion Show


Come One Come All

Today at the Falls was the opening of the Fall Fashion Show for Gulls, each bird showcasing the ready to wear fall lineup, gray and austere as always.


Each gull showed off its talents, perfect posture and gave the devoted and admiring crowd a thrill. (Bird photo-tips at the end)


Many adoring fans lined the platforms taking photos of the contestants. This group of models had the crowd right from the beginning, but a pair of top contenders were so fabulous, so casual in their splendor, it’s hard to imagine any bird will top them.


Just when you thought there was no longer any way to spin the feathered extravagance, these birds turned the game upside down on the cat birdwalk. Each showed a paradoxical combo of fettered restraint and fulsome flamboyance.



There were any number of birds that could have stepped straight off the grassy cat birdwalk and onto the steamy asphalt of the parking lot beyond.


There’s been stories in the bird world lately about the fashionable look of skinny yellow legs being on the way out. But you can see the lovely lady below fashionably working those saffron legs?


This year’s relatable, flashy feathered collection is challenging in ways that advance the feathered conversation in all bird circles.


We all want clarity in easy to wear birdwear, and this show gave it in spades. So rock it birds, turn the bird world on its head.


Best of show went to Pretty Bird.


Yet, there were a few poor sports, temperamental divas not happy with the judges selection. They flew off in a huff.


There is always next season to look forward to.


But seriously, some things to consider when photographing birds.

  • Try to photograph birds at eye level if possible (like images above from GWGT). Obviously, not those birds in flight though.
  • You get more intimate shots when you and the bird make eye contact.
  • Blurring the background isolates the bird and makes for a pleasing image (like the images above).
  • The photographer and viewer enter the bird’s world when shooting at eye level. It is something Nat Geo photographers are so good at.
  • What is the first thing you read on nature photography? Make the eye/eyes sharp.

Another common tip is when shooting birds, fill the frame with the bird. I talked about this a few posts ago and mentioned that although bigger is often viewed as better, having the bird and its surrounding will give a better sense of story than just the bird filling the frame. Not all birds can be as close as these tame gulls at the Falls, but using a long lens gets them in closer.


I shoot a lot of birds and it is one of my favorite photo subjects. I have most of my bird posts on Garden Walk Garden Talk, (check the menu bar on GWGT – hundreds of bird posts) but more and more will move here over time. The post on GWGT today is the last of Fall color at Niagara Falls, the deep Gorge and the thundering Falls.

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8 Responses to Falls Feathered Fashion Show

  1. Love this – very creative!

  2. Those gulls do look tame. Maybe I can get a good photo if they pose long enough.

  3. Love it, Donna. You are a great photographer!!! 🙂

  4. Incredible shots Donna. I never tire at the awesome shots you get of birds.

  5. I loved the first shot of the gull on the lamp post! That was great. I’ve seen that pose somewhere else, too. And thanks for the photography tips on birds!

  6. Really great shots! I will try to implement your tips when photography birds this winter. It is a challenge because the birds in my back yard are shy and often perched higher than me. It is challenging to get them at eye level. I’ll try your tip of putting food out somewhere to force them to my level and see what I can capture.

  7. Pat says:

    Wonderful wrap-up of the “show”. Sorry I missed it.

  8. Debra says:

    Wish I could have prssed ‘love’ instead of ‘like.’ These are great action shots. Love the colour and especially the tips. I rarely get an opportunity to get in close. Most of my bird shots are from far far away so it is a challenge just to keep the camera still enough to press the button.

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