Bees in the Garden

Wool Carder Bee

Wool Carder Bee

“Busy as a bee” is most appropriate come late summer for the long rest coming into winter. The native bees especially partake in the feast of late summer and fall.



Have a look at the busy buzzers in this post. Plants are buzzing all over the garden. It really doesn’t matter if the plants are native or non-native if it pleases the bees. Not one plant shown is native to OUR area, even the “natives” in the gallery below. The native specie plants from here are different in color and flower size. We breed these garden plants for our gardens and feel good about buying them as natives. They attract pollinators just as the “weeds” or native flowers in the natural meadows.

I have many native plants in bloom, but the bees are buzzing over this group of blooms at this time. On GWGT, I will have a post on watering the garden up next. It has pollinators on some native plants, but honestly, it really doesn’t matter if the non-native plants are working for pollinators. Even the Wool Carder bee in this post is non-native. And non-native honeybees? My gosh, what would we do without them?

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9 Responses to Bees in the Garden

  1. Gorgeous images of these busy buzzers. I agree, they are happy on any bloom right now that provides the pollen or nectar they look for….the whole garden is buzzing right now.

  2. Great post Donna. I love bees. I keep 7 hives myself.

  3. eulalia says:

    Lovely pictured… I really enjoy when you have bees in your posts, evendough i always enjiy your pictures.. they aee awesome

  4. Jet Eliot says:

    Exquisite photos, Donna, and a good reminder of a very important creature. 🙂

  5. Yes, lots of pollinators around this time of year. I have no idea about which bee is which, or which ones are natives or non-natives. Just don’t want to get to close to any of them and have them sting me. And the butterflies are busy as well around here. Lots of swallowtails (Giant & Tiger). Love your photos.

  6. Ah, Donna, I bet if your bees saw their exquisite portraits you took they would buzz merrily! Just like me for example! 😉

  7. Emily Heath says:

    What a fantastic variety of bees you’ve found. The wool carder bee has such waspy colours, wonder if that’s a defence strategy.

  8. The pollinators are plentiful here, too. A couple of weeks ago I did a pollinator count for the Great Sunflower Project: Wow, was that fun! I counted pollinators on Spotted Bee Balm, and I couldn’t believe how many, and how many species, I witnessed. I also saw hummingbirds, white-lined sphynx moths, and so many other species. What a gift!

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