Everything’s Better With a Cloud Filled Sky


Don’t you think so? Postcards from PA.


For those of you new to this blog or my other blog Garden Walk Garden Talk, I am originally from Pennsylvania, not far from where these images were taken.


I like where I am from because of the history and architecture in Eastern PA. On GWGT, I have many images from this area. The photos with the barn are of Gring’s Mill.

Not everything is better on a cloud-filled day

Speaking of history, you would never guess that a gruesome murder happened in 1875 near here, the spot can be seen from walking the towpath. Now it is just an unassuming gap in the brush, looking much like the rest of the former Union Canal bed.

Upset over her husband’s infidelity, a woman killed her three children and herself pregnant with the fourth child by throwing them all in the water one beautiful Spring day. Walking along the towpath with her children, she filled up a picnic basket with rocks. She tied the basket to her waist and collected stones until it was full. The kid’s must have thought they were going for a quiet picnic. She gathered the kid’s in her arms and jumped into the fast-moving water. Only she was weighed down by the rocks. The children drowned as well though. Distraught over her husband’s infidelity, she couldn’t bear the thought of another woman raising her children, so she brought her children along to her suicide.

If you ever visit this park, you may one day see the ghosts of three children, Mollie, Lillie and Philip Bissinger dressed in their homemade attire, gathering stones beside you.


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9 Responses to Everything’s Better With a Cloud Filled Sky

  1. Oh so spooky and tragic. I think clouds in spring and summer are stunning as your pictures show…in winter I love the bright blue sky against the stark landscape.

  2. Debra says:

    How sad. The story reads like a fairytale. On the other hand the clouds look so light and carefree. Before my accident I was experimenting with photographing clouds … I like your pics so much more than mine. And oh! Are you ready for this month’s bloodmoon?!?

  3. Emily Heath says:

    Poor children and poor mother too. I wonder if pregnancy hormones combined with the pressures of looking after three young children all became too much.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Clouds always make the landscape so much more interesting.
    As for the place where this sad story happened… I don’t think I would want to visit, too spooky!

  5. Pat says:

    Beautiful! I love the stone buildings. What a sad history, though.

  6. I really liked your 2nd photo of the mill with the water. But the clouds are nice against the blue sky in all the photos. Definitely a creepy story. When people are in a traumatic situation like that I don’t think they are really conscious of what they are doing unfortunately.

  7. My Heartsong says:

    I think that clouds add character and can even form some nice directional lines.I love those old stone houses, but don’t know that I would want to be out picking rocks. What a tragic story, I wonder if that is why some modern women take their kids with them, so someone else can’t raise them or save them from the shock of losing their mother? Sad. on a happier note, I travelled through Pennsylvania Dutch country with my parents when I was a kid and loved the hush puppies, corn fritters, etc.

  8. bittster says:

    Those would each make a nice postcard, and I enjoyed stepping back to that fresh look of spring!
    Tragic story though….. it’s a reminder that “what is wrong with people today” isn’t really anything new. Same stories different era.

  9. Yes, white fluffy clouds are the best– if they’re high enough. Sometimes I’m excited about taking photos of gardens or houses on a day with blue sky and clouds, but all you can see in the photo is a gray background.

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