Bluebirds – Where are They on the Popularity Scale?


I bet you think they are cute, even adorable. If you were rating them what score would you give them? Well cuteness gets some points, so does the fact that they are blue. Not many birds are blue. I guess they are pretty common, so maybe lose a point there.


I can’t say they are a bird with big personality, even though…


They are the birds of happiness or so the saying goes. Actually, there is not one that looks happy in my post.


So where did that moniker come from?


Oh, and where the popularity scale can be found? Check out this application called Popularity Demo. If you want to know if your image will be popular on social media, drop one in the app to be scored. My bluebird photos tanked. I ran a lot of photos through the app and some did very well. It appears that rating popular birds is not always what will be popular with everyone. And I thought everyone liked bluebirds.

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21 Responses to Bluebirds – Where are They on the Popularity Scale?

  1. My Heartsong says:

    Well I like bluebirds and we find them pretty precious in these parts because their population was pretty well decimated due to a spring snow storm a couple years ago, so efforts are HUGE to help them make a comeback. When I worked in Saskatchewan there were bluebird boxes on the driveway and two kinds, the Mountain Bluebird and the Eastern Bluebird, set up house two boxes away from each other. That was a treat to see!

    • donna213 says:

      Wow, you get both varieties. I saw a blue throated warbler and it took my breath away. I hope our weather gets back to what seemed normal. I liked it better when the birds came and things were as they expected.

  2. I love bluebirds…the colors change with the light and I enjoy watching them in the garden….wrens are another favorite of mine. Interesting app

  3. I love bluebirds as I think you know. This surprises me. Good pics, Donna.

  4. I know the question was about bluebirds so my answer is off topic really. I really like the bluebird on the fence photo, I like how you used all of the elements in the photo to start your story.

    • donna213 says:

      Thanks, Charlie. The one on the fence post, I was hiding behind a lot of tall and full shrubs, just peeking through the leaves. Of course I was not to stealthy as the bluebird caught me and gave me the eye.

  5. Lyle Krahn says:

    I was amused by the idea of the popularity demo and started adding my pics on it but couldn’t get much difference. I even tried some of the best photos on the web (including the most popular photo on 500px) and still all less than the 5 they gave in their example. I think I’ll stick to my bird likeability index which gives a 5 points for extra colour.

    • donna213 says:

      I got over 6 on an illustration I did on GWGT of a squirrel dressed as a chef. That was my highest. It scores up to 10 too. A macro photo of a fly I did got 4.978. They said sexy girls in short skirts and red color got high marks so I put in one I did from a model shoot and it got 5.663, again not too bad but not as good as I thought on what they said. After my illustration was rated highest of my entries, I thought MIT should go back to the lab and rework the algorithm. Did you not have a cute kitty to try? Cute kitties do well. I will have to look up your likability index. Put the link in this comment.

  6. Become a Bluebird Monitor and your appreciation will change for the better. They are mostly timid until female is threatened during nesting season, and wow can males be aggressive! Bluebird Monitors Guide is the publication of choice…

    • donna213 says:

      I do appreciate them. I just think them much less animated than other birds. They are much shyer around people too. I have maybe 100 images of them and although many are better than here, the bluebirds still have an unemotional look about them. I even have some in flight which are not as “driven and determined” or “even dainty and cute like the hummers”. I don’t get to see them as often as people do either. Most times it is on a nesting box and those photos are not so interesting. The ones I have of them in trees are much better.

  7. Interesting tool for popularity.

  8. Debra says:

    I have never seen a bluebird. I think if I did my heart would explode from delight. I have noticed that a lot fo the perching bird pictures I have taken lately have shown rumpled unhappy birds. I hope it is just a molting thing.

  9. I really love these little birds probably because we don’t have them over here … But I guess it’s that old saying you always love what you don’t have until you do have … So for me it’s a top bird 🙂

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