Birds Today, Spring is Finally Here

Or so it seems today. We just had 6″ of snow yesterday though. It will be 70° F tomorrow and the flowers in my garden will be happy again. Continue reading

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Familiarity Begets Boredom, or Does it Really?


I have always been an individual that becomes bored with anything I do, or sometimes even people I know. It is a curse in a way although it opens me up to new and exciting experiences. I move onto the next creative pursuit hoping for inspiration into new pursuits. Photography has always been a constant my entire life, just not the subjects being photographed. That has changed over time with newer hobbies and interests like birding.

Is it when we see something over and over it becomes commonplace? Maybe, but…

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Tundra Swans Ready to Fly to the Next Staging Spot

One of the staging areas for large groups of Tundra Swans is located at the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area in Ontario, Canada. Continue reading

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